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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I think it's really hard to rank young players with prospects, as we are seeing what the young guys can do, and with prospects, especially the most recent ones, there's a tendency to overrate the new guys imo.

Clearly Price has the potential to be the best of the bunch imo, after that it's a tough call between Kostitsyn and Komisarek as some will say a top pairing defensemen is more important then a 1st line winger. Komisarek is just entering his prime and Kostitsyn just finished his first full season in the nhl. Komisarek is already a staple on our blueline and the hope is that Kostitsyn can become a big time player for us, as he's shown some great flashes. Frankly I think losing Komisarek would be a terrible blow so I guess I'd have him higher, although Kostitsyn has more flash.

Then you have guys like Plekanec, S.Kostitsyn, Higgins, Pacioretty. Pleks is turning into one heck of a player for us, yes Kovalev has been a big part of that line, but I think Plekanec will continue to get better and continue to be a big part of the team. Higgins I don't know what to make of him, have been a huge fan of his and think he can end up being a lot better then he's been so far, as I think he can do a lot more offensively but he needs to be more consistent.

S.Kostitsyn to me he's going to be a main part of the Habs for a long time and I expect him to be a lot better offensively, as I hope to see him shoot more, I love his shot but in the nhl he hasn't really showcased it and hasn't had a lot of success with it but I still think he will score a number of goals while setting up a ton and playing a great all round game. Pacioretty I think he will have a big impact for us, although I'm not sure how much offense he'll provide, meaning I don't know if he will be a top scorer in his prime but the way he plays is something we really need, can't wait to see a big body with skills that is fast and physical.

I'm assuming Streit isn't counted since he was drafted as an overager.

Guys like Latendresse, McDonagh, O'Byrne, Halak, Lappy, Subban, Maxwell, White, Chipchura, Grabo, Valentenko are a good bunch of young players/prospects that all bring some interesting aspects. Lats I don't know how much better he'll be but I'd love to see him be more physical and hopefully in time he works on his mobility/skating. He's got good hands though, so as long as he continues to put the puck in the net, he's going to have a job in the nhl. McDonagh I really like but I don't know if his upside is all that great, to me he's going to be a guy that comes in and plays a safe, steady game, plays physical, brings a good two way game, basicly a guy that does almost everything well but nothing really great. O'Byrne I think I am higher on him then most, I think he can be a really solid bottom pairing guy or better hopefully. Halak I am interested to see how good he can be in the nhl, he stats at every level are so impressive. Lappy I never expected him to be an offensive player but I did expect him to be a good 4th liner for us and he's turning into one imo.

Subban I also think I like him more then most, I really like his upside, if he continues to progress, as he's still only 18 and will have another year in the OHL to work on things and then some time in Hamilton to improve his game. Maxwell is more of a wild card, in that he's highly skilled with the puck but he plays so passive that I have to wonder how his game will translate to the pros. That said he could turn into something really good for us down the road. White I like more since he brings so much grit/sandpaper as well as offensive skills. I think he'll be a good 3rd/4th liner for us as long as he can improve his foot speed/skating. Chipchura I have never thought too highly of his offensive skills but he was outstanding in the calder playoffs last year. I think he'll be a great 3rd liner for us. Grabovski I think is one of the more skilled prospects in our system but his lack of strength is a concern. I think i'm higher on him then most, but he's got to get stronger. Valentenko really impressed me this year, not sure how much upside he has but I do think he will be a good bottom pairing D at least, as he is so physical, solid in his own end and has a cannon of a shot.

Emelin would be right up there but until he's signed I sort of just put him to the side as there is a big concern about us ever seeing him. Guys like Fischer, Carle, Weber, Wyman, D'Agostini, Stewart, Paquet, there's hope that they can bring something to the team down the road. Fischer has a ways to go but he might turn into a solid D in time, certainly has good physical tools but we'll need to see if he can turn it up a few notches. Weber we'll see what he can do in the ahl next year, has some good tools, although I'd like to see him improve his skating and defensive play. Carle I like his offensive game but hope to see him improve his defensive game. Wyman I don't know how much offensive upside he has but I like the rest of his game, so if he can provide offense, I think he can make the nhl. D'Agostini I love his speed and his slap shot but he needs to be more consistent, hope to see him start getting some time with the Habs next year. Stewart I ranked in my last top 20, as I think he could be a good 4th liner for us one day since he's the kind that will do whatever he can to help his team win, has good speed and can chip in offense. Paquet is a lesser known but he's solid in his own end and plays a physical game, good frame, strong, decent puck mover. Has a ways to go yet but I think he could impress down the road.
to resume.. we are in pretty good posture to make a deal.. We have so many kids that have serious chances to become solid NHLers.. I think Bob will make something big happen this summer..

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