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05-10-2004, 12:57 PM
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[SWE] Emil Axelsson (Örebro)

Does anyone have any info on this young gentleman? What kind of player is he? What is he good at, and what is his weakness? What known player does he remind of?

Any help appreciated.

Edit: Info on these players would be much appreciated, too:

Patrik Hörnqvist F 1987-01-01 Väsby
Chris Nybeck F 1988-01-05 Alvesta
Max Qwarnström F 1988-01-31 Borlänge
Leo Qwarnström D 1988-01-31 Borlänge
Robin Murray F 1988-06-07 Borås
Rasmus Åkerberg F 1988-06-21 Gislaved
Rikard Wall D 1988-05-30 Lidingö
Tobias Forsberg F 1988-04-05 Munksund
Rasmus Åkerberg F 1988-06-21 Gislaved

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