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04-08-2008, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Hab-a-maniac View Post
I think it was achieved when some yahoo who thinks that clown is somehow a Great Canadian organized a petition or some drive to get votes for Cherry. He wanted #1 but settled for #7. Cherry himself said he was flattered but if his vote counted, John A. MacDonald would be #1 for him. But let's be honest, anyone can do what Cherry does if they've been involved in hockey at the pro level at all.

Why, if some good ol' Canadian boy player retired today, took redneck loudmouth views, acted all egotistical, wore outlandish suits and gave tearful dedications to kids, firemen, policemen and soldiers who died... well, then you've got another Don Cherry. A shameless opportunist and self-promoter. Cherry should've gotten into pro wrestling. Anyway, his opinion means zilch to most but we'll see how much he butchers the few words of French he knows when he visits Roberval.
I'll give him this... when you look past the pro-fighting and pro-leafs views.... his actually hockey analysis is pretty good. There are many times i walk away from coaches corner thinking he's bang on with some of his points.

He's also entertaining and he draws viewers.

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