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05-10-2004, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by The Seeker 25
If he could do that, I think that Clarke would. Hopefully someone is interested in Malek.

I know Malek ticked Clarke off with wanting the 1-way contract and all, but I wonder if the total overall experience with the other Czech goaltending Roman that played here for 3 seasons had anything to do with the organ-I-zation losing interest in Malek. I'm sure that the progress of all of the other goalie prospects also has alot to do with it.

The stable of netminding prospects reminds me of NJ's crop from the early 80's......anyone else remember all of them that came into the NHL around the time that Brodeur entered the league?
Totally agree that Other Roman may have soured BC on This Roman but his numbers are hard to miss. The other prospects and the play of Esche and Frank make Malek a luxury.
I do remember the NJ 80's goalies - could see that again but less likely now adays with all the international players and each team seams to have good prospects in goal so a market flood from one team is less likely.

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