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04-09-2008, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by BayDucks View Post
I am really impressed with this place. You guys are handling my childish ignorance with amazing ease :-p

I lvoe this forum already since I have already bore my does one stop hard in rollaer blades without dying?

Stopping on roller blades is really more like making an extremely sharp turn than anything else. To practice, keep one foot in place (use as a pivot point) and kind of spin around in a circle with the other blade. That is the part of the wheels (the inside) that you will need to get comfortable on to stop efficiently.

Once you're feeling brave enough, start skating and then making progressively tighter and tighter turns. Do it slowly at first, but build up speed as you feel more comfortable. You'll find that once you start making really sharp turns, your skates will kind of slide out and you'll probably fall. Your eventual goal is to be able to control this slide. It's similar to a hockey stop on ice, but the set-up is different for me at least.

I hope that makes some sense.

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