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05-11-2004, 04:18 AM
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OK, I just wasted [too much] time reading this entire thread. The same arguments have been argued over and over again. It is quite tiring.

Kovalchuk is currently a better player. I am not even taking into account the fact that Ovechkin hasn't played in the NHL. I am saying quite simply that he is currently the better player. Everyone that isn't a fool would agree.

Ovechkin has the potential to be as good as Kovalchuk according to some. According to some he has the potential to be better. I have to say it is my most holy prediction that he will not be as good as Lemieux. If he doesn't become as good as Lemieux I wonder just how much better than Kovalchuk he could be.

It is my fantastic guess that Ovechkin will be a very good player, but not ever as good as Kovalchuk. This is very much a guess and I would never hold myself to it. However, I would put a great deal of money on him never becoming substantially better than Kovalchuk.

Kovalchuk isn't good defensively. He isn't absolutely terrible either. Ovechkin is also not very good defensively. He isn't even exceptional. He has the potential to be above average defensively. In my opinion Kovalchuk will get considerably better defensively than he is now while Ovechkin will become slightly better than him.

Kovalchuk, in my opinion, will always be a better offensive player by a fair amount.

Kovalchuk has proven himself at the NHL level. Ovechkin obviously hasn't. Ovechkin hasn't proven himself elite in the RSL. He has shown vast potential, however. If any man says Ovechkin is right now anywhere near Kovalchuk, he is a fool.

If anyone says Ovechkin has the potential to be better than Kovalchuk, that is a fair opinion. I disagree. However, I am not a GM. I am thinking rationally, though. Every GM will take all the things I've said that aren't merely opinion into consideration.

They will not trade a young, proven, elite player with potential to get better for a young, unproven, potentially elite player who has a similar or slightly higher ceiling (unless it is to dump money in a big way).

Let's take potential out of it. Let's say Ovechkin WILL be as good as Kovalchuk. Does Atlanta want to wait three years? Probably not. They want to start a serious playoff run THIS year. Will Ovechkin be as good? No one knows for sure. Will he even be a great player? It isn't set in stone.

Anyone who tries to say Atlanta would at all be interested in this trade is a liar and a fool. Anyone who says he himself would do this trade is simply a fool.

Finally, though I imagine Washington would jump on a trade straight up, there is a fair chance they might not. If they are confident--to the utmost--in Ovechkin's chances of being elite (at least to Kovalchuk's degree), it makes a bit of sense to sit on him. No financial commitment at this point. When he does sign it won't be for the money they'd have to pay Kovalchuk at that point. Finally, the rest of their team would be more mature and frankly better by the time Ovechkin starts really getting good, making everything in sync. I still say they'd probably make the trade, though.

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