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04-10-2008, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
To me, it appears to have been a panic trade. BG had some time to move Huet before the deadline. If he had the vision that Price was ready, he could have threw the word out a couple months before.

A lot of GM's were reported to have no idea Huet was available, which leads me to believe it was a panic move more than anything. It has worked out great so far, but its a trade that could impact our success this playoff year.
To me, it appears that you don't really read and absorb what many others have written here.

But to address two points I didn't mention yesterday:

"Gainey could have put the word out a couple of months before".

A couple of months before, Price was not playing regularly and not at the top of his game. Halak was also not at the top of his game. The improvement of Halak and especially the emerging confidence of Price (the back to back wins over Philly for instance) became evident only in the last couple of weeks before the deadline.

"A lot of GM's were reported to have no idea Huet was available,"

No kidding! Why would Gainey want to talk to EVERY team? There were very few teams in the market for a #1 goaltender. Ottawa was out of the question, as were ALL of the other teams in the NorthEast or Atlantic Divisions, since they were the chief playoff rivals of the Habs. In the SouthEast, Tampa Bay was looking to dump salary long-term, which didn't fit Gainey's plan. Washington was done with the Habs for the season by the time of the deadline. Carolina, while done, didn't need a goalie. Neither do Atlanta or Florida.

No one in the West needed a #1 goalie, and furthermore, trading Huet to Washington had the ADVANTAGE of helping a team that would no longer play the Habs, but could beat RIVALS of the Habs!

Once again, I think this was an absolutely brilliant move, the farthest from panic you could find.

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