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04-10-2008, 10:20 PM
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Rbk 9k "O" vs Nike One90 vs Vapor XXX sticks

I normally play with wood sticks (bauers for the most) yet, I've played with two composite sticks (A vector that a friend gifted me and a tps that another player didn't like) and loved the weight, balance and wrist shot it gave me (I'm not much of a slap shooter anymore)

Anyway, I got a little extra bonus money and decided to spend it on hockey stuff, including my very first, self purchased composite (what a cheap skate huh?)

Anyway, I'm torn btw a couple of sticks I've taken for trial runs and one that I've only heard of and they are respectively;

the vapor XXX (insane stickhandling, felt like I could play an entire game one handed if I chose)

the rbk "O" stick (A friend let me try it out during a game (while he looked like a kid at the dentist the whole time) and I love the shot I could unleash with this (the Senior model felt a bit off though probably cause Im more used to intermediate sticks)

The Nike One90 While talking with friends this sticks name kept coming up like some "legend of yore" and I've looked online and seen some good stuff about it but its apparently pretty new so not too much is known)

If I can buy only one which do you guys recommend?

I love the Vapor's feel but I've heard they break easily (is that true?)

The "O" stick has a great shot and its more of a "oh what the hell lets go crazy" purchase, but I haven't been able to find an intermediate stick on hockeymonkey or giant (do they make Intermediates for this?)

The Nike One90 (Im going to a store in town to try out their overpriced model but I have the same question as the vapor.. if I like it what's the durability like?)

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