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First off...Im am COMPLETELY OUT OF MY MIND RIGHT NOW! I want to know if anyone has the email address for Mr Cohen? I was having a very nice, civilized conversation with him before I got interrupted by the $@#@!$. He was a oriental person, wearing a black shirt, and he had pages of forum talk, which most looked to be from the Sun Sentinel. Well I never knew that someone knew so much about me, even though I have NEVER met this man before. He was a complete jerk, insulted me, waved me off like I was beneath him, and wouldnt let me get a word in. Im am livid right now, and cant believe that anyone in the organization would even let a jerk like that represent the organization.

Anyways...Cohen is a great man. He sat there and took the heat from a lot of people. And to be honest with you, these people dont know s$#t. Here are some things that I took away from it:

~He wants Bouw for 10 years. They are beginning the negotiation process and want to get it done soon.
~It sounded like Martin was gone, one way or the other. When we spoke, I told him Id like to keep him as GM and get a new coach. He agreed with me and said that he would like the same thing, but also said that Martin's heart is in coaching. They will sit down shortly to discuss whats going to happen
~Martin is leaving to Rochester to see what is going on with the situation up there. No word on what the plans are yet
~Cohen brought up some valid points, which have been brought up here, about missing the playoffs. He wants to build from within and grow our own talent
~Luongo badmouthed the team and organization, which became an issue over time. Louies wife would call Alan telling him she wanted Louie to stay, but in the end, all of his demands werent right for the team and he thought to move on was the best scenario.
~Keenan was an @ss. He and Duds werent on speaking terms. He and Martin werent on speaking terms.
~We have some real novice hockey people in this town, Im real sorry to say. Not to offend anyone, but some of these questions/comments that were made were ridiculous. One guy saying we needed "stars" on the ice, like Belfour. Cohen responded, "i dont know about you, but Id rather have Vokoun than Belfour." Everyone clapped, except the guy who made the comment, who responded to Cohen saying I wouldnt.

People when it comes down to it, we missed the playoffs by less than 10 points. Do you really think that if we didnt have 400 man games lost to injury, we would of made up those 10 points? There were some real knowledgeable people there, and it was a great experience to have the teams owner come out and do this for almost three hours. I applaud him for that and Im glad he is our owner. Nobody would have anything bad to say about him if you had the chance to attend tonights meeting.

And to be honest with you, I dont know if Olli will be around either. Cohen brought up the point about Olli and his +/-, saying that if he was similar to last years mark, or even even, this team would be a playoff team. So it looks like Olli and Martin might be gone.

He did also say that the day of rebuilding is over. He wants to be a playoff team year in year out, and he will do what it takes to get it done.

They are also in discussions about buiding this multi billion dollar industry around the BAC, which will great benefit the Panthers, especially financially,
Are we starting a space program to shoot Martin off with ZeroG and you to another planet? Multi Billion?


Nice of Cohen to do this. The guy really seems like he cares.

The injuries are such a cop out and a misleading statistic. Here is why; take out Garth Murray, a guy who missed a ton of games and was likely to have a minimal impact. Also, take out Van Ryn's games lost because Cullimore was EXCELLENT and if Van Ryn isn't injured we don't get Cullimore. Also, Van Ryn was TERRIBLE when he was playing, absolutely terrible. And take out Welch because Johansson stepped in nicely and Welch was unproven and at best a bottom pairing guy. Also, our BEST players missed no games. Horton, Jokinen and Bouw missed ZERO games. Vokoun was also healthy the entire season. Weiss is the only guy who was out who I would call a significant loss and he wasn't out that much. Stumpel, also out for a long time is not exactly liked for his play around here. Crosby was out for at least 29 games and well you know the rest. In conclusion, the injuries are just a weak excuse.

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