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04-10-2008, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by OneOfTheHockeyGods View Post
Are we starting a space program to shoot Martin off with ZeroG and you to another planet? Multi Billion?


Nice of Cohen to do this. The guy really seems like he cares.

The injuries are such a cop out and a misleading statistic. Here is why; take out Garth Murray, a guy who missed a ton of games and was likely to have a minimal impact. Also, take out Van Ryn's games lost because Cullimore was EXCELLENT and if Van Ryn isn't injured we don't get Cullimore. Also, Van Ryn was TERRIBLE when he was playing, absolutely terrible. And take out Welch because Johansson stepped in nicely and Welch was unproven and at best a bottom pairing guy. Also, our BEST players missed no games. Horton, Jokinen and Bouw missed ZERO games. Vokoun was also healthy the entire season. Weiss is the only guy who was out who I would call a significant loss and he wasn't out that much. Stumpel, also out for a long time is not exactly liked for his play around here. Crosby was out for at least 29 games and well you know the rest. In conclusion, the injuries are just a weak excuse.
dude, c'mon. A lot of injuries overlaped each other. We're ahead in man games lost by almost 60. As has been pointed out and said, having the AHL guys here meant the NHLers played a bit more and were gassed towards the end.

Funny, though that you had to switch to Pittsburgh and Crosby, since your other example didn't make the playoffs. Pittsburgh hs Malkin, who here compares to him? Staal, Sykora, etc. Why do you compare?

And Johansson ware here late in the season, Welch was injured early.

So you're saying there's a chance!
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