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04-11-2008, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
Martin improved the overall balance of this team. And whether its an excuse or not, we would be a playoff team if it wasnt for the injuries. And if you dont think we could of made up nine points if Olesz, Weiss, Booth, Zednik, McLean, heck, even Stumpel, werent out for extended periods of time, then you are just fooling yourselves. What would you have rather seen Martin done, go out and overpay for guys like Briere or Gomez? Then we would be stuck with a team nine points out of the playoffs. Why, because we would have Gomez or Briere, along with Glass, Larman, Lojak, Meyer, etc., on the bottom lines instead of McLean, Dvo, Zednik, etc. The team would look exactly like we did when all the injuries occured, but without the injuries. And god REALLY help us if we lead the league in man games lost with that lineup.
This injury excuse is ridiculous. I've already put it into context but you seem to ignore it.

Gomez on this team and we make the playoffs, guaranteed. Horton and Jokinen would have scored 40+ goals. Briere on this team we also make the playoffs.

You are delusional if you think rooster fillers are more important than STAR players. We would still have depth as third and fourth line players are easily replaced. You talk about this lack of depth but the fact is we had Cullimore and Johansson who both played great. Cullimore was the second best D-man. Zednik was contributing nothing for most of the time in the lineup. He started to get hot before his injury but he is a streaky player and its reasonable to assume he wasn't going to keep up the production. Stumpel sucked before his injury and many here hate on him yet you claim if we had him in the lineup we win? If he is in the lineup then I doubt we get the most out of mclean as he was our leading scorer from the all star break.

How many games did Lojek play? Larman? Meyer? I can't believe you would blame this teams inability to make the playoffs on them. ROFL. Sounds like the scapegoat. Its just a convenient way
to explain this teams shortcomings. When we had our full lineup and we lost games against tampa and atlanta at the end of the season what is your excuse for that? Two horrible teams, eliminated from the playoffs.????

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