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04-11-2008, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by OneOfTheHockeyGods View Post
This injury excuse is ridiculous. I've already put it into context but you seem to ignore it.

You are delusional if you think rooster fillers are more important than STAR players.

How many games did Lojek play? Larman? Meyer? I can't believe you would blame this teams inability to make the playoffs on them. ROFL. Sounds like the scapegoat. Its just a convenient way
to explain this teams shortcomings. When we had our full lineup and we lost games against tampa and atlanta at the end of the season what is your excuse for that? Two horrible teams, eliminated from the playoffs.????
They (including Stewart and David Brine as well as others I mentioned) played a combined 56 games. That number goes to 97 if you include Glass, as I do because I don't think he's a complete player who belongs (at this point) on a credible playoff team.

And your context isn't ignored - it's dismissed as inaccurate. That would be why there's a disagreement and discussion stemming from this. If we didn't disagree with it, there would be no conversation.

As for your "delusional" argument - besides your using a rather weak debate technique to try and prevent anyone from disagreeing with you by painting any potential contrary opinions as inherently flawed for disagreeing - I don't think anyone made the argument that roster fillers are more important than stars. Just that the addition of one or two of the biggest name free agent players wouldn't have saved this team as it would have required far too much scrimping on the rest of the team. The example of what you're offering is Tampa Bay. Big names on the top lines are nice, but not when they're so expensive you're paying league minimum to the bottom two lines, as that's the caliber of player you'll get. The stars mentioned both received ridiculously overbid salaries. The Panthers' would have looked much different this season, and likely still missed the playoffs had they been brought in.

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