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04-11-2008, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
Should Martin choose to stay, it's uncertain how the hiring of his replacement would be handled. Cohen said briefly Friday that Martin would help decide his successor.

However, it's likely Martin would select someone similar to his own personality and coaching style, something which fans and Cohen alike don't feel has worked the previous three seasons. Several players in the Panthers' dressing room were also displeased with how Martin related to them as coach.

If Martin is urged to select someone he doesn't feel he would mesh well with, he might choose to leave the organization altogether.

It says he might have a hand in choosing the next coach, not that he will. And that he might leave altogether if he doesnt mesh well with the new coach. I think you guys are really undervaluing a guy with his experience because of what he has done on the ice. He has been a decent GM for this team and Id be happy if he stays as GM. You guys like to pick parts out of the article instead of look at everything as a whole.
see, that's just it - i think he's done a decent job on the ice. sure the team hasn't made the playoffs but take a look at the broken crappile he started with and all the injuries this past two season.

it's absolutely ludicrous for an owner to say "me and the fans think this hasn't worked and we know we want this type of coach". i'm not a fan of JM but, as in some other situations around here, i feel he's being treated unfairly here (big surprise i suppose in pro sports) and feel like someone's gotta be sane and say this stuff. people (if the shoe fits...) - you and cohen are laymen. what you know about the game relative to a lifelong hockey guy like JM cannot be expressed in mathematical terms. you (i'm focusing on cohen here) are in no way qualified to choose the next coach. no way.

the guy's done a good job given the circumstances. he should be trusted to put someone on the bench that can drive the team he's putting together. end of story. bringing the fans or the owner into the decision bodes ill for this organization.

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