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04-11-2008, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
i don't think that's a very fair characterization, though i do agree that little progress is made. i'd like to think those of us who support JM are taking a longer look at the organization's retooling. i agree (so does JM, btw) with your assessment of the team but it begs the question(s) - how do you address those needs? and can you do it all at once? and if not (or if it isn't prudent to try) how do you get from point A to point B?

we are in between A and B right now. it seems some are trying to step back and see that there is movement towards B and others are on the ground and want to at B right now. both are legitimate perspectives but they have to be balanced. imo, that's what JM was trying to do. he might've chosen a different player or three to help get us there this past off-season but he did not wreck what looks like the makings of good group of top 6 forwards for years to come. it's a tradeoff. it almost worked. perhaps someone else instead of dvo or mclean or zednik might've made the difference. that's where JM is most open to criticism. i'm just choosing to look at the overall progress and say "we'll get there - i'll give him a little more time".

i won't comment too much on some of those who are in the "on the ground" group because, as i said, it's a legitimate perspective. suffice it to say, though, that some are reasonable, intelligent posters and others are sorely lacking in both qualities.
The line "Well, atleast i am not Mike Keenan" could probably enable Martin to keep his job for another few years

Patience is the key with any organisation which wishes to rise from mediocre results to a title contender, no matter what sport they reside in. Fans seem to have little patience (I have only supported Florida/hockey for 4 years, so patience comes easier to me), wanting managerial changes at the finale of each year when no major advancements are made.

I do agree, we are in a transitional phase at the moment (Have been for two years). We no longer are a basement team, but rather a team looking for slightly more emphasis to reach the next level, a contender. We are a few pieces away. Offense is that missing piece.

I am not a fan of Martin's coaching personally, and i like this move, and i don't mind him being GM still. However,He hasn't made any terrible moves (Kilger apart). One year in the job is not a long enough time period to guage his merit for the job and his abilities. He also has not had a surplus of talent to coach.

Everybody in the organisation has to share blame for the shortcomings. Cohen, Martin, Keenan (I include, his moves still impact us), Jokinen, and several players who have not played to their ability (Horton).

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