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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
I can agree with that. While most want to get to B immediately like Zero said, to go from a 60 point team with no talent in the minors to a playoff contender takes time. Especially when the organization is losing over $20 million a year.

And I want to bring up two scenarios, and see what most think. Team A will go through the season with minimal injuries, Team B will go through the season with, lets be fair, 300 man games lost to some key Dmen and forwards. I guarantee that Team A makes the playoffs, and Team B battles Tampa for the first overall pick.

Team A
Olesz - Jokinen - Zednik
Booth - Weiss - Horton
Mclean, Dvorak, Monty, Campbell, Belak, Kreps

Team B
Olesz - Jokinen - Briere or Gomez
Booth - Weiss - Horton
Brine, Glass, Larman, Stewart, Meyer

Some dont want to take into account the balance that this team had when healthy. Just like people in the meeting last night, they want stars on this team and thats all. Well that wouldnt have helped this team. You can argue all you want, call it "rediculous," but one player doesnt make the difference, its a team game.
Team B is "ridiculous" and clearly self serving. Monty, Belak, Kreps, and Campbell make next to nothing and should definitely be on the team. We could definitely have a gomez or a briere but that would mean we would have do without Stumpel and Van Ryn and Peltonen, not much of a loss. Also team B does not fight for the 1st overall pick. Gomez Jokinen and Horton would be a sick line with Horton and Jokinen becoming this franchises first pair of 40 goal scorers. Making the playoffs might be difficult with this "ridiculous" roster of AHL players who shouldn't be there because we could definitely have NHL players and Stars Not Stars and AHL players.

Philadelphia turned their season around from worst to the playoffs yet we still make excuses about development. Sure it takes time to build a perennial contender but that doesn't mean we can't make the playoffs in the meantime. There is a culture of loser and excuses within the Panthers organization. Read the articles after losses its the same story. Didn't play 60 minutes, didn't get enough pps, took too many penalties. Same story, different game. This is bigger than AHL guys.

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