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05-11-2004, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by espion
Can anyone positively confirm wether Fransson is a righty or a lefty. It's because aside fromKomisarek and Korneev, we are pretty weak on the right side in terms of real promissing youth. We are A-ok on the left.

Looking at that Mckeen appraisal, he looks too good to be true for a guy sloted to go mid 1st round... I dunno. I am sceptical. The guy writting it may be a little off. It reads like he's a top 3 pick.

He's a LD as far as I know. I wouldn't mind if we got him, but I don't think we will. He's a year older and on the small side, and has had injury problems and I've been told he plays a very soft game. But he was rookie of the year in the SEL and seemed to have a decent U-20 tournament. For what it's worth I would go with Hedman instead, but both would be interesting picks.

I am not a big fan of Green (think his physical game is way overrated, but havent seen much of him) I am not a big fan of Chipchura due to his lack of offense. I havent' seen much of him either, but something reminds me of Kilger but I could be way off. 1 time just isn't enough to say, just a feeling, so if we don't get him it won't bother me. I'm not a big fan of O'Neil but he could be a good one. Didn't shot too much of an offenisve game or physical game for such a big kid. I'd be surprised if we got him but he's big and skates well. Even Bolland I woudln't take at 18th, as his size is a concern for a team full of smallish players.

I do like Valabik but we did draft a player somewhat similar to him in O'Byrne who are both big good skating physical RD's (plus we have Komo who also plays similar to them) Not that getting Valabik would be bad, but to me I'd have Valabik 3rd overall for defensmen, with Thelen tops and Barker slightly ahead of Valabik.

One kid I really want us to get is David Booth, but without a 2nd, that won't happen. I'd take him at 18th but if so we could trade down to get him. I don't see this happening, and 2 years ago I was calling for us to draft Patrick Thoresen, but I think Booth is the kind of pick we need.

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