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04-12-2008, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by RoadDoggFL View Post
Some people here never cease to amaze me. You know what it was also one day after? Martin being removed as coach. And wasn't he here because of Martin in the first place?

No, I'm not going to act like the knee-jerk crowd and assume that what I feel is right. But neither side can possibly be confirmed right as of this moment, it's ridiculous to pretend that you are and make such comments.
i wasn't sure how to take booth10's comment so i left it alone. anyway, i've already commented on this and you're right, there is some conflicting (or confusing) evidence and no way to really know what happened. however, what i bolded and the additional knowledge that newy wasn't looking for a GM position are really the key pieces of evidence at this point. it would appear that newy's beef was not with JM.

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