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04-12-2008, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Belso View Post
It's not the same thing. They are cheering for their hockey team in a city where everyone is hockey crazy! Hockey may be a sport to some, but in Quebec, since the days when Maurice Richard played, it's been a way of life. The biggest funeral I have ever seen was the one for Richard. The firefighters didn't mean any harm to anyone. It's a show of support.. It's a message to the players and team that they are cheering for them.. How is this negative?

If anyone thinks that they firefighters were going to keep the paint up year round aren't very bright. It was pretty obvious that they were going to fix everything up after the play-offs..

There are more important things that need to be attended to.

An no, I don't compare cheering for your team with hate propaganda.

You can't compare the Habs with the Nazi.. On the contrary, some Quebecers hate non-French Habs. I've read all sorts of articles that speculated that Montreal can't win a cup unless they have a team full of Quebecers. But with the Habs recent success, there's a new found respect for a multi-cultural team and this is actually good for the community.. It makes everyone forget what country they are from and unites us in one common goal; to win the cup..

So no, I won't agree with you on this one..

Go Habs go!!

Go firefighters go!!
Moreso, hockey is part of their economy and directly effects the city in many ways. Showing support for such an economical driving force should be encouraged. Why is it ok to have signs on lawns and posters everywhere at election time? I'm not saying that's wrong either, but it's just an example of showing support for something that directly impacts the community. I see nothing wrong with what the firefighters are doing. It's mindboggling as to why this is even an issue.

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