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04-12-2008, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by hoax15 View Post
How do you know his assistants or any friend to the organization didn't give him a list? You jump to conclusions way too fast. The fact that Cohen came out and spoke to everyone is great!
his assistants? what do they know about hockey? friend of the organization? please.

in any case, you miss my point - this is the WRONG way to go about this whole endeavor. it's completely inappropriate for cohen to be speculating about hockey strategy or hirings ("both the fans and i feel we need a new coach"? since when do fans or layman owners pick coaches?) or float coaching names when he's still got a GM under contract. think about it.

IF you agree that we needed a change at coach, there was a much more professional way this all could have been handled. let me propose just one: first of all, you don't call a meeting with the fans until you have ironed out the situation with JM. then, if JM stays, you meet the fans with JM, publicly give him your support as GM and say "we'll be working together to find a replacement behind the bench that will continue to foster the development of our younger players while allowing jacques to focus on acquiring and developing talent" (or whatever). you get all your ducks in a row, figure out who's coming, who's going. you present a unified face to the public and appear professional. nobody's publicly embarassed and the organization looks at least somewhat "organized". instead what do we get? press all over the continent reporting various stories about JM being rochester scouting, that he will stay, that he might stay, that he's out as coach. he can't be reached for comment leading to all sorts of speculation. the owner hints at several possibilities at his town meeting then starts floating coaching names. newy quits. i mean, c'mon - it's worse than an embarassment, it's an unmittigated PR disaster. this team comes out looking like a joke and it's all, imo, on cohen and co.

sure, it's a great idea to come and talk to the fans. you can answer questions honestly, take the pulse of the fans, really show that you are involved and love your team. you have to have your act together tho. these are not opportunities to undermine management and/or players (he did both). you give the impression that you are listening and sympathetic but you have to remember that you have professionals running the show and you have to defer to them, at least until YOU or the person you've put in charge of operations (hint, hint) no longer trust them (at which point, you make a change - you don't bad mouth them or side with players over them in public...). to any objective outsider, he's gotta look like a flailing clown.

i know this sounds harsh. sorry.

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