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04-12-2008, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by PaulPosition View Post
Dude, it's simple. Firefighters paint their stuff instead of going on strike. FINE. This season, instead of just uglyfying stuff they went with a habs theme. NICER STILL. After all, a great deal of 'em firefighters must be fans.

but then... :

-"Mr. Mayor, firefighters have again 'vandalized' their equipment by painting it (in habs colour). What will you do?"
-"Same as is written in city's policy - Ask them to remove it."

NEWS FLASH, Mayor hates habs, wants all imagery removed
NEWS FLASH, Mayor is the worstest party-pooper


The City of Montreal has never asked for removal of small decals, flags and (french:fanions?) and such. It does, however, objects to systematic 'customization' of public property. Again : How could they NOT ?

They're not going to unleash the police force at them like they'd do if they were cutting through the firehoses, they only state the obvious : the city doesn't approve, the union will have to pay.

(And, *****, I don't even like this one municipal government)
as whoever the fire captain being interviewed in 990 the other day said, they put up Chrismas stuff,St.Patrick's, so why not ? I tend to get reall annoyed at pressure tactics [no pun intended]. Whether or not this began as a political manoeuver with the union and the mayor got suckered, does that part really matter ? Like you say, there's been a long standing feud here, fine, I don't much care anymore. Sometimes, it's ok to look at the small picture. If they want to put up CH's, and Go Habs Go signs, who cares ?

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