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04-12-2008, 04:33 PM
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Cohen went on the panthers board and said the following:

Originally Posted by Alan Cohen
I enjoyed getting together with other Panther fans so much, i didnt want it to end. So i figured i would say hello this way.

More importantly, the day after i told you i don't get involved with hockey decisions and that Jacques will decide who the new coach is, a report comes out that i have contacted Bob Hartley to be our coach.

Even more comical is that the report says that i have discussed this with Jacques and asked if they could get along.

They make these things up. What can I say? I just figured if i get on here and tell you the truth, it would make things easier on everybody.

Oh and Jacques IS in Rochester today. Thought Id clear that up too.

Thanks again for the other night.

Like Jacques, im a man of my word. I may not have all the answers, but when i say something, its the truth.

Thanks again.
Someone asked:
Do you think JM will take the job?
Do you care who JM hires as coach?

And he responded:
Originally Posted by Alan Cohen
Like I said, Jacques will hire whoever he wants. Believe it or not, i am a very hands off person. All these reports make it seem as if im always involved. Im not. Thats why i feel it is important for me to set the record straight. Its why i asked for the meeting the other night and why i find myself having to dismiss these crazy made up things today. How can i prevent someone from making things up?

I can't.

I can only come on here to tell you the truth.

Yes, i think Jacques will take the job. But he is a patient man and i want him to make the right decision. He is a good, honest and hard working person, with exceptional hockey sense. Doing both jobs was very rough.
If he doesnt take the job, we will have everyone and their brother wanting to be GM, so that not an issue. But i know Jacques, he knows what needs to be done and i hope he takes the job.
So the media is once again wrong. You guys can stop overreacting about Cohen now.

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