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04-12-2008, 09:17 PM
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I don't think I have ever gone through so many emotions in such complete different directions in one night. From pissed at how we started, from happy we took a 1-0 lead, thrilled we went up 2-0, excited at our 2nd, pissed at the missed chances late in the 2nd, disgusted for most of the 3rd, EXTREMELY frustrated with all the missed PPs and then just relief with Kovy's goal.

- Boston really gave us all we could handle. They deserved this win, instead they got knifed in the heart. I can't see how anything short of a Bergeron return gets their spirits back up to normal for tomorrow's game. Thank god there's no off-day for them to regroup.

- An absolute disgrace of a performance from the refs. I'll leave it at that. Both teams got screwed. You know it's bad when Kerry Fraser looks like the best ref in the league compared to what we saw tonight.

- Price was once again a wall. Didn't like the rebound on the first goal but he kept it tied when Boston dominated us.

- The 3rd period was very worrisome. Why did we just start playing conservative hockey? Why did we stop playing our game? That's why Boston got back in the game more than anything. We almost beat ourselves.

- Can't blow 2 goal leads in the playoffs. We escaped tonight, we won't against better teams.

- Kovalev. That was the 2006-07 Kovalev for the whole game and then he pulls off that SICK shot to win it in OT. He needs to pick it up though.

- Where is the Plekanec that went head-to-head with Staal in the 2006 playoffs? Big faceoff win on the OT winner though. Pick it up Tomas.

- Markov-Komisarek were awful.

- S. Kost is a gem.

- The Streit on defence experience MUST stop. Get him back up front, bench Dandy and get O'Byrne in there.

- The power play. Disastrous. Are we missing Koivu on it? Probably. But this is not how the unit played the whole season. Enough with Smoke on the 5 on 3's.

- Brisebois, and it takes a lot for me to admit this, played a solid game once again.

- Penalty kill was wonderful.

- 10 straight wins this season, 13 straight overall against Boston.

- 2 down, 14 to go. Tomorrow is absolutely HUGE. If Boston wins that, it's like our game 3 in 2004 (after a similar crushing game 2 OT loss that Boston suffered tonight). We HAVE to drive the next to last nail in their coffin tomorrow. They win tomorrow, and they start believing they can beat us.

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