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05-12-2004, 10:47 AM
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Rangers' Top 20 Prospects POLL (#11)

(Oops! I forgot to attach the poll. Mods: please delete the other poll-less thread.)
Well, the Poll for the final spot in our Top 10 has enough votes to get a good sample, and Murray has a big enough lead to declare him the winner. Party on, Garth! If you haven't voted yet for #10, please do so.

I'm doubling the prospect pool for this round.

The Rangers' propsect rankings are as follows:

1) Fedor Tjutin
2) Henrik Lundqvist
3) Josef Balej
4) Hugh Jessiman
5) Thomas Pock
6) Petr Prucha
7) Maxim Kondratiev
8) Jarkko Immonen
9) Ivan Baranka
10) Garth Murray

Who is the Rangers' #11 Prospect?

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