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05-12-2004, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by The Seeker 25
Alot has to do with reputation, but much of what happens with regards to calls is also how the refs are "prepped" by the coaches.

For the past two seasons before the Flyers started their series with the Leafs, Pat Quinn was whining in the media about how the Flyers run the goalies this, Flyers run the goalies that.......then proceeded to blister the refs ears constantly if a Flyer was within 10 feet of the Eagle.

We all saw the results.....

On the flipside there are refs who don't like being singled out by Quinn and the likes of. Therefore they turn a blind eye on a lot of calls as well. They think "he's a baby and always whining at us, may as well give him something to whine about"

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