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04-13-2008, 01:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Clumsyhab View Post
Anyone on this board who thinks we're a better team without Koivu is dumb or is brainwashed by the Montreal french media. We all predicted that Habs would win the serie in 4 or 5 against Boston so why some are suggesting that we win because Koivu is not there? I just took a look on RDS talkbacks and some doesn't want Koivu to comeback and that Kovy must keep the "C". What a bunch of idiots. Imagine if it was Koivu who took that selfish penalty. Anyways, I want Koivu back ASAP but he must be ready to play. Since we're leading 2-0 in this serie, I think he must not be rushed to get back in. One thing that I would not like to happen is that if we lose the first game when Koivu comes back, we'll see something like "Koivu revient, le Canadien perd". I wouldn't be surprised if that happens tho. I remember few years ago, le journal de Montréal had on their front page: "Théodore joue, le Canadien gagne" (I think he was back-up to T-Bo or Hackett at the time).
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