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04-13-2008, 08:04 AM
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Ok, someone please explain me this. We are playing the Sharks in the regular season. The officials have a questionable waived off goal for the Sharks. They spend something like 20 minutes reviewing it. They award them the goal....

And here the Preds are, in the PLAYOFFS and we can't take one minute to look at a questionable waived off goal?

Don't tell me certain teams get calls because I have seen it too much.

And I'm used to Holmstrom being able to interfere with the goalie, there is nothing new there lol

Its hard for me to be down on the players and coaching staff when they are playing our guts out only to have fluky bounces and bad calls go against them. Yes Arnott and Dumont are disappointing but they are going against good defenders. BUT they took AWFUL penalties and should be called out for that in the 3rd. As leaders they have to lead better. I think a lot of this is out of frustration though.

Well we are in trouble. We pretty much have to sweep them at home and the way its going I doubt it happens.

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