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04-13-2008, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by discostu View Post
I realize that these reports of Martin leaving are being discredited, but, I just want to address the points of Sexton's experience.

He's certainly not an inexperienced GM. He spent 2.5 years in that role in Ottawa. Unfortunately, those weren't positive experiences. He was in way over his head, hired only because the Sens couldn't find anyone better, so, they took someone with just some general business experience, and thrust him into that role. The end result was the Sens having some of the worst seasons by an NHL team in history.

He's certainly not a guy you want as a GM, without some very strong hockey people surrounding him. In Ottawa, he had John Ferguson Sr. in a senior role, which helped land the only successful draft picks from his era (Alfredsson and Demitra), but, he fired him when they butted heads. Everything else about Sexton's reign is disastrous, from the trades, to the draft picks, to the contract signings, and specifically, to the on ice performance (31 wins in his 2.5 year reign).

I can't speak to what he's like now, but, the above describes his first forray into the NHL with Ottawa. It was suprising to hear him be hired as the Assistant GM in Florida last year, because he'd been out of pro-hockey for so long.
thanks for the clarification, discostu. it seemed clear at the time that JM had brought sexton in to, as i said, do the gruntwork and be the mouthpiece. outside of the kilger deal, this arrangement has apparently worked out ok. credit should be given to the (much maligned) scouting staff for their role in picking up matthias, welch, repik, etc., to JM for directing all of this activity and executing based on the information he was given and to sexton, for performing his role very well to this point. maybe he could develop into a competent GM but throwing him back into that role without, as you put it "some very strong hockey people surrounding him" would be a mistake. thankfully, cohen doesn't appear to be ready to make that giant blunder.

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