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04-13-2008, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by norrisnick View Post
There is nothing in the rules that states Homer has to get out of the way if he's standing outside of the crease. You're allowed to establish position on the white ice. Any contact in this play was initiated by Ellis moving out to the top of the crease and that's not Homer's fault.
Your absolutely correct on the first part, but on the second you are incorrect. If Holmstrom is in the white paint, he is fine, but if you watch the replay, he crosses several time through the blue paint and is in the blue paint as the shot takes place...blocking Ellis from taking full advantage of his goal-crease. With that said, I fully realize this is a tough call, and I think you will find that most Predator fans agree that while the initial call was incorrect, it is not an egregious mistake. Still, if you want to argue semantics, I do think Holmstrom should have been called for the penalty, and technically the goal should have been disallowed because of the above. What Predator fans are really upset with is goal 2 in game 1 and with the non-review of the goal in game 1 (which should have counted).

Originally Posted by gmalicoat View Post
seriously? They COULD NOT look at the disallowed goal--the ref said the play was or was going to be called dead. NOT REVIEWABLE
Your continuing to throw this line out there, but what your not grasping is that at the time he was not saying it was intent to blow the whistle - he said it was because the net was off the moorings. The, "I intended to blow the whistle" argument is complete BS for two reasons:

1) The puck was still in motion off a wrist shot when he would have had to "intended" to blow the whistle.
2) It is painfully obvious by both his statements at the time, his motions pointing to the net, and the play itself that he blew the whistle because the net came off his moorings.

His use of the "intent to whistle" is simply a cover up, and it is why you have seen both Trotz and Poile call him out for it (something they have not done in any playoff series to date).

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