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04-13-2008, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Turbo View Post
It was a great feeling walking downtown after the game. Pockets of flag waving, chanting fans all along St Catherine until the small hours.

The Bell Center was intense once again - it's been piercingly loud since the last game of the year against Toronto. I'm bringing ear plugs to the game since Thursday and I'm finding I must use them it's so crazy in there. Last night was louder than the last game of the year but not quite as continuously loud as is was Thursday.

But Kovalev's goal was something else. Kind of like a flash before my eyes - a very unique hockey moment to witness.

The Habs win the face-off, the puck goes to Kovalev. He's on the side opposite to the one he usually prefers, he slowly glides towards the net and winds up a shot. This is part is almost surreal in my memory - it seemed to last forever. Everyone knew he was going to shoot. You could sense the anticipation. Then BAM! In a flash you don't see the puck anymore and all there is, is the twine of the net moving a little and the sudden outburst from all the fans.

That was my first witnessing of playoff OT win by the Habs, after seeing 3 losses. The building was intense!
Well it was only the 2nd home OT victory by the Habs in the past 10 years (since brrezy won game 4 against the devils in 97 in triple OT- our first OT win in the new building and our first win there period... only took 5 games Forum Ghosts). Sound miniscule because of lack of playoff games? Well, consider we've lost 5 OT games at home in that time too.

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