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04-13-2008, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
American parents are more ignorant about the game then Canadian moms and dads. Not just parents, but hockey fans that haven't played the game do believe that shooting is the most important part. It is not. The most important part is stickhandling. Those who have been around hockey long enough know that shooting is overrated, while stick handling is underrated
I think Canadians are left shooters not because of clerk in the store or lack of one, but because they in mass know better then Americans the following rule:

If your "artistic" hand is your bottom one, you shot will be the best part of your game. If that "writing" hand is on top by the the butt of the stick, the stickhandling will be your strongest quality.

That's it. That explains Lemeux and Shanahan success as a snipers, but it also explains why almost anyone playing hockey for fun would rather have on his/her team the player able to hold on to the puck rather then a pure shooter not able to get through traffic reliably.
That also explain the success story about the coach converting kids from shooters to puckhandlers and winning everything afterwards. Sure, you can score much more goals if you can stickhandle the puck all the way to the net rather then blast it from the point and have others pick the rebound. Especially when not so many children are developed physically to execute the hard shot anyway.
Back to the original Phoenix question, yes, some people did change, but mostly those with both hands equally "artistic". The benefit of it is not worth the effort for most.
I think this isn't true for many people. My writing hand is on the bottom of the stick and I am very good at stickhandling but my shot has no power, only accuracy. Even though I have an accurate shot I still think that my stickhandling is far superior.

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