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Originally Posted by Lard_Lad
You: Reads some "profiles and updates" on the internet and figures that qualifies you to say, with absolute certainty, that Guard has no chance to make the NHL.

Me: Watches Guard play, in person, 30 or so times in the last two years, sees his game evolve and improve, and still thinks it's a tough call as to whether or not he's got enough room left on his development curve to make it.

Which opinion sounds like it's a little more realistic?
It all depends on who's watching the Games. The reports i have read are from guys who have watched him play and know what it takes to make the NHL.

Then there is you.

I'll take the opinions of the pro's thank you

And why does it piss you off so much that I don't think this guy is good enough? can I not have an opinion?

Someone challenged me to go on the record saying this guy won't make it. Thats the way I feel about him so I stood up to the challenge and said what i felt.

From what I have seen and read about him, I don't think he will make the NHL. Am I 100% sure, of course not because you never know for sure. But I am going to bet on the odds and on a gut feeling I have and say he isn't going to make it. If you don't like my opinions and what i have to say then don't read my posts.

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