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04-14-2008, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Clint View Post
I would Sean Avery on this team. Watch the way he's screening Brodeur, it's freaking genius.


Edit: Okay, with that being said, I think that a physical pest presence like an Avery or a Jarkko Ruutu would do wonders for this team. I love those kinds of players, they get opponents off their game and make them take stupid penalties.

And Avery CAN put points on the board. I would love if he came here in the summer.
Not me, I hate that guy. He was litereally kicked out of LA because of what a distraction he is to his teammates. That was ridiculous, he's a pro athlete, not a 5 year old. He does way more damage than he does good and he's going to be asking for way too much money. It would be hard for me to continue to cheer for this team with that pathetic clown on the ice.

If we have to have a pest, I'll gladly take Neil, Ruutu, Tootoo, or Burrows over that piece of trash.

Besides, how many teams with pests like Avery have won the Cup lately? What has Avery done other than infuriate his teammates?

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