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04-14-2008, 02:54 PM
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Normally I wouldn't get into the dissecting of someone's arguments, but this one is so wrong...
Originally Posted by Booth10 View Post
He took a bankrupt team, made it financially better,
Yes, by making sure to use the arena facility paid for by taxpayers where the team plays and lease it out for non-hockey purposes. He hasn't boosted sales of tickets and attendance continues to lag except when certain teams come to town, and their fans can often outnumber Panthers fans.

Originally Posted by Booth10 View Post
took a team with no talent and 60 points and made them playoff caliber loaded with talent and prospects.
They can't be said to be playoff caliber and loaded with talent until such time as they make the playoffs and the talent is displayed consistently...and honestly, it's been his 3 general managers and four head coaches since he took over the team that are responsible for the improvement. The only credit he can claim is for loosening his own purse strings, which was only necessary because he kept them pretty tight the first few years.

For me, Cohen's reputation with me will improve if he will stop interfering with this team. Give them a competitive budget and name a hockey person with a track record of success on at least some level of hockey as president of the hockey portion of his operation, and let that person make ALL personnel decisions, and then stay in your box seat and enjoy the result. If the results are disappointing after 5 years, replace that guy with another to make the hockey decisions.

Oh, and besides the competitive budget for the NHL team, make sure you free up cash to allow for affiliates at the next two lower minor league levels. But that's something for his president to convince him needs to be done (though I think he's sold on that idea already so that's good).

If he can simply exercise restraint in his desire to exert direct control over this team's personnel moves (including front office, coaching, and on-ice), then I'll respect him as an owner.

Thus far he's not doing that but seems to be moving toward it somewhat - which is why I'm reserving judgement.

"...and ultimately it doesn't matter."
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