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04-14-2008, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Acadmus View Post
Doesn't mean anything. Standing in the crease so that you interfere with the goalie's ability to move to stop a puck is supposed to be a goaltender interference penalty and nullify a goal, too - but I saw it in a game last week (think it was one of the Philly/Washington games but not sure) and the goal wasn't challenged. The puck was passed cross ice, there was an offensive player standing right in the middle of the goalie's crease, the goalie couldn't move over to cover the other side of the net for this reason alone, and the puck was shot into the empty side. No wave-off by refs, no video review, not even complaining about it from announcers or the other team. But it was clear goalie interference.

Why have rules if you won't enforce them?
He wasn't standing in the crease, he was outside the crease and wasn't touching Brodeur at all. It's not goalie interference, but it's now unsportsmanlike conduct thanks to Colin Campbell.

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