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05-12-2004, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by HF-Addict
I'm not gonna hand you the victory so easily.

Culture is related to fans. Just think about the Expos, baseball isn't part of our culture anymore, where are the fans (would baseball be dying if it was part of our culture?)?!Which fan will be better, the bandwagonner because his team is now winning and it's cool to be part of that...or the one that is raised with hockey, played hockey, learned the game of hockey and always has been in an environment praising hockey?

Il take back that tie and claim me the winner Oh wait, I'm so great, I'l agree that we both disagree and call it a tie. Now bow down to my greatness
The battle will go on..............just not today, im outa ideas and gid blows :lol

I will never bow to a frenchie (kidding, kidding, dont hurt me, pleeeease)

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