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05-13-2004, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by fan mao rong
Guess I will finally have to put the word in on the Burke, et al., issue. Burke I would think would be due at least 4.25 million next season. It will have to be paid because it wouldn't warrant a buyout, and don't see a trade. Esche and Niitimaki are both at the stage of development where they need to be 1st goalie on their team and play at least 60 games in that role. Neither needs to be a little used back-up. So Esche does 60+ games for Flyers, and Niitimaki 60+ for Phantoms. It's Flyers-Esche backed by Burke, and Phantoms Niiitimaki backed by Little. This is how it should be.
So, say there is a salary cap next season.

You believe that $4.5 mil of the Flyers salary should be eaten up by Burk. (I know, I know it is his option) You are aware that the Flyers are committed to approximately $60 mil next season. (That is well over the number which many believe the cap and /or tax will fall) This will cause salary cap issues in the future.

So, say there is a luxury tax next year.

Comcast will not pay additional tax $$ for going over a salary level either. Just look at the Sixers. They constantly talk about trying to stay under the luxury cap. No company wants to pay more money then they have too.

I am now well aware that Burks has the option but with these two possibility out there for next season, I would try anything to get Burk out of here.

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