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05-13-2004, 05:53 PM
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The new CBA is going to kill Pittsburg in my opinion. The Owner are said to be asking for a min. 30M salary cap and the people I talk to say thats setting up for an actually 40M salary cap. Pittsburgs payroll was 20 something million and were struggling with finances. The town of Pittsburg is refusing to build a new arena and the Melon arena is a dump. Mario is owed cash out of the franchise. Not sure the amount exactly but something like 60M??? Not sure. He's loosing money and will sell the team to collect. The economist are stating after the election in the USA The amercian dollar is going to fall and I mean a lot. To about a 85-90 cent Canadian dollar which kill manufacting and foregin investment in the USA. The President is going to have to start another war to keep the economy moving.

Sorry just trying to give a little insight.

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