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04-16-2008, 08:18 PM
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Some good info in this thread.

I just skated today for the first time in about 15 years. I am going to start playing hockey this Fall since SJ State offers a beginner hockey class. Figured it'd probably be a good idea to start skating a little now to get ready.

I'm fairly athletic, played basketball and (american) football throughout my childhood and have always been a Captain for every team I've ever been on. I'm 5'10" 175 and I work out a lot nowadays but don't train for any sport.

I couldn't get stopping down today. I tried a little here and there and I think I understand it but I just couldn't really do it. Skated for about 1.5 hours with rental hockey skates that were incredibly uncomfortable. Felt great to get out there and skate though, just made me appreciate and respect the sport/athletes so much more. I love hockey, it is probably my favorite sport and I wish I played it when I was younger.

This is a stupid question but I just need some reassurance, rental skates are much more uncomfortable than good hockey skates, right? Should I go ahead and fork up the money now and purchase my own pair of comfortable skates?

I want to go every day but my rink charges $11 per session which is such a ripoff in my opinion. If I go everyday of the week I'll be spending 80 bucks a week on ice skating! That's ridiculous.

Any advice on skates to purchase would be appreciated.

And what are your guys thoughts on buying used skates? I wear a 9.5, but I thin kthe width of the skate makes a pretty big difference, right?

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