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05-14-2004, 02:14 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersPhantoms33
There was no fight between Kubina and Brashear. Some pushing and shoving, but no fight. If Kubina can't handle that, he needs to get off the ice.

...hence why he said Brashear was "trying" to fight Kubina. If you watched the replays, Brashear skated directly over to Kubina off the bench, away from the play ,and started shoving him and grabbed his face, with Kubina trying to ignore him. Finally he had to do something with Brashear starting to fista-cuff jab him. It was obvious Brashears intentions, and Tortorella has hammered into the Lightning discipline to avoid it. Its called instigating, and Kubina out classed Brashear.

If Brashear wanted to fight a fellow heavy weight, he would have done so; like some others have alluded to, Roy was on the ice.

...and game 2, he could have went after Dingman but he chicken ****ted out and decided to do a number with his stick on Taylors eye before Dingman finally tracked him down.

I am glad he actually went after someone big that time though; mad props there...alot better than what he tried to do to 5-8 Eric Perrin earlier in the game.

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