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04-17-2008, 09:25 AM
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Ok so far I have seen wish lists; Ryder isn't coming here, and We aren't dumping Stumpy and/or Pelt for Parrish. Here is how we get into the playoffs:

First we dump salary. Stumpy and Pelt go for whatever we can get, instead of trying to make some sort of steal. Then here is where I am going to get chewed out on this forum: If we can get Campbell, we trade Jbo.

He is the only way we can get real help, and will dump the salary we need to make room. Ottawa fans seem to think Heatley will be available, and have talked about Heatley for Jbo.....thats the return Jbo could give us. Then we take the remaining salary, and sign another mid-level winger (prospal I vote for)

Now we have:

Heatley (or someone on his level)-Jokinen-Prospal/Olesz
Zednick-Kreps- Olesz/Prospal

The lines may need some switching, but those are 12 efficient forwards

Allen-Van Ryn/Murphy
Cully- Murphy/Welch

and Monty to play where needed

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