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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
heh... yeah, me too. oh, and in case people didn't notice, it was salei who chipped the puck gingerly toward the half boards; gingerly enough that it sat right down in front of carney who stepped in and blasted home the game wininer. so he's still got some chump blood running through his veins.

on the subject of the calgary/sj game, how about this quote:

huh?? the motivator, the vocal, enthusiastic and emotional "iron" mike can't motivate his team for a playoff game? sounds like he's lost the room

who's fault is it when a team doesn't come to work? i should say that i would blame thornton, as captain for the game 3 debacle. that team went into a funk after the hit on marleau and someone needed to pull them out. timeouts and goalie changes can help a little but the game is won and lost on the ice guys.
I understand the point you're trying to make, and we have this disagreement all the time. I agree that the captain (and any other leaders on ice) have the primary responsibility after the puck drops. But before they get in the rink the primary responsibility belongs to the coach. He has to prepare the team to anticipate what the other team is likely to do. I think quite frankly you're skipping over that step, assuming JM handled it admirably, but this is exactly what I and some others have been pounding on. JM has not been effective in preparing the team night in night out. That's why I don't agree with blaming Olli primarily. Yes, the game is won and lost on the ice, but a poorly prepared team will end up with an L more often than not, despite any heroics on part of a captain.

BTW - Thornton is an A, not C. Marleau is the C. I'm not calling you on that, the reason to bring it up is that here is a team that has their primary superstar wearing an A with someone else as C. When Olli said he'd willingly hand over the C to a worthy candidate, maybe this is a model he had in mind.

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