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04-17-2008, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by calgarylen13 View Post
Thought i'd start a new thread, as we're in All-Svenskan and don't quite fit on the Elitserien thread.

Anyways today in Malmö Lund City newpaper, it discusses the off-season for Malmö players.

Contracted and staying:
Robin Weihager (Signed 16/4)
Robin Alvarez (Signed 16/4)
Daniel Casselståhl (2009)
Antti Bruun (2009)
Calle Steen (2009)

Contracted and unsure:
Elitserien Clause
Andreas Byström (Gone 16/4)
Jani Hurme (2010)
Mikko Eloranta (2009)
Ville Niemenen (2009)
Johan Björk (2009)
Jyrki Välivaara (2009)

Marcus Paulsson (2010)
Frederik Eriksson (2010)
Mikael Wahlberg (2010)
Martin Samuelsson (2009)
Patrik Lundh (2009)
Tomas Wallgren (2009)

Without contract:
Jan Öberg (to go)
Carl Söderberg (to go)
Frank Banham (to stay)
Henrik Karlsson (unsure)
Cole Jarrett (gone)
Emil Lundgren (gone)
Jens Svensson (different reports, to go, to stay)
Kim Johansson (unsure)
Lasse Pirjetä (Gone 16/4)

Is it confirmed that Carl Soderberg is going? The article I read sort of implied he would like to stay in Sweden IF Malmo made the jump up to the Elitserien. With that not happening, are people expecting him to attend the Boston Bruins NHL camp or is there an recent update confirming this, that I missed?

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