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05-14-2004, 11:16 AM
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Once on the ice and in uniform, I really like Eric Lindros and I thought he would be "the next one" as he was dubbed but off the ice was another issue. When he went to the media and verbally persecuted a Flyers' therapist (John Worley I think) by name, someone who is a voiceless employee, then I think he hit rock bottom. He should have showed much more discipline. If you, as a player, want to criticize an owner, GM, coach, or even a fellow player that is another matter. I still put Lindros in my pantheon of Flyers greats such as Poulin, Clarke, Hextall, etc. but instead of being on the altar of hockey gods he is sitting in a pew.

In another matter, I made this point many weeks ago on these boards, but if Lindros never became a Flyers' player there is no guarantee that the Flyers would have won a Cup or two with Peter Forsberg-and-crew who were shipped to Quebec.
The fact remains that if the Nords stayed in Quebec there was no chance that the arch-rival Montreal Canadiens would have traded disgruntled goalie Patrick Roy to Quebec. The Canadiens might have shipped Roy to say a team like the LA Kings (just to use another Western Conference team as an example) and then what? Would the Kings have been a Stanley Cup Champion? Perhaps. Roy's contribution to the Avs was extraordinary.

The Lindros' trade gutted the Flyers system for the next couple of years and the team was decimated in the early 90's but I think Bob Clarke did an exceptional job upon his return from the North Stars' organization to get the Flyers back to being a force in the mid 90's.

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