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Originally Posted by ThisYearsModel View Post
When they collapse the old reds and yellows (100's and below)and make them into a single lower bowl, they will simply move the sections forward by eliminating the inside ailseway. They will put the new boxes where the indoor aisle between yellow and green (200's-300's), and the balcony (blues) will be one large section. I think there will be more blues, but watch out. In the new arenas around the league, it is rare to get a ticket in a lower bowl for less than $85. I would be shocked to see any lower bowl seats go for less than that unless they are behind the goal. Surely, from goal line to goal line people will have to pay up. Of course, this would be the case if there was a new building also. The amazing feat will be their doing this while inside the confines of the existing building. That means that the upper lever will be much closer to the ice (not as high up) as most of the new buildings. Upper lever in LA, Colorado, Dallas, etc. is in the stratosphere. The puck looks like a pea.
Originally Posted by NYRangers88 View Post
I talked to the guy in the lobby of the Garden last night by the preview center, and asked him the new seating arrangements as I am a STH as well. Here is what he told me, or at least what I remember. Im a structural Engineer so this stuff interests me.

Club seats will remain the same, only 100's will be attached in the same "section", thus making it one 'large section'. These will be the 100's, if you are club holder, you may have something like 101 Row B, if you are a 100 holder you may have 101 Row R. Directly behind these sections is a walkway connected to the interior concourse, thus making the ice viewable while inside the actual interior (Similar to the new Citi Field design.) Behind these are the suites. Directly above, not behind, is the 200 section. The new 200's will be the old 200's and 300's again combined into one, so if you are a 200 STH you may have 201 Row C, 300 STH you could have 201 Row T. Above these is another row of suites, or skyboxes. These will be located where the 400's are now. The NEW blue seats will be raised to where the skyboxes are now. (Back to the original location before the old renovation.) These will be the 300's. Behind one of the nets, the blue seats will extend lower into where the skyboxes are, making a larger section. The bar will also be located here.

Thats all I have
Thanks for the info guys. I'm not sure why they are making the clubs and 100's all the same section though. Seems like it would make it easier on people if they kept the double digit numbers down low, then put a railing (like they have now between the 100's and 200's) to separate them from the 100's. Not a big deal. For some reason I thought the 300's would be directly above the mid level suites though. From what you're saying it sounds like Sec. 200, Row A will be money.

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