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04-18-2008, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by 2forsbergaura1 View Post
Yes, the Devils with a brand new building still have $20 tickets while the Rangers without a brand new building or even any renovations have the cheapest tickets at $45. That proves the Rangers are and always be more expensive than the Devils. What do you think will happen with the renovations?

I am not saying that the cheapest ticket will necessarily be $100, but it will be close to it...I think $70 or $80 is very possible. Remember that we are talking 3 years from now, so even without renovations in 3 years the cheapies will be more like $60. Add renovations to that and you are looking at at least $70, more like $80 or more.
Cheapest tickets are not $45. I pay $46 to sit in the 300s, it's just that ticketmaster screws you in the butt for every ticket you buy. 400s cost $30 a seat for STH, look at the chart below.

Take the $30 and inflate it for 3 years by 3% (average inflation rate) and you get $33 a ticket. If MSG adds more to that, I can't see the cheapest seat going over $40. If every ticket price after the renovations increases by $5, MSG would make $7,462,000 extra per seat for the Rangers and Knicks combined in one season. That plus additional concert revenues (since more artists would probably play the Garden with a revamped arena), plus who knows what else. MSG would make up its costs within a few years.

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