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04-18-2008, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by NHLcrazy View Post
It's like building muscle...if i could average an increase of 1lb of muscle every 3 weeks I'd very happy! that's 18lbs of quality weight in a year! But all the skinny 15yrs old want to be BEEF and have no patience, so they don't eat more, train like crap and buy those stupid 'SUPER workout X5000 hydro pump' powders for 200$ and 4 weeks later the gained 2lbs of water weight and are pissed off!
lol, I'm always taking 15 pounds and losing 15 pounds all the time. I'll take arround 15 pounds of mass in the summer, then when school starts and there's too many thing to do, my fat % ups a little bit and the muscles go away. haha, it's always like that.

Talking about protein powders, it's so easy as hell to take enough protein with real food.

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