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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
QUESTION: I have always wondered this. I did two types of Cardio the first time I lost weight. Running normally or intervals (I'd walk to a lamppost, jog, run, run, jog, walk .. repeat until I couldn't go anymore).

Which is better?
It depends on what you want. If you want to burn fat, straight up jogging is best. It allows you to go for longer, therefore maintaining a decent heart rate for longer and burning more energy. If you are "training" for a sport (ie. hockey, rugby...) in which requires a good anaerobic base, then sprints intervals are where its at. You should mix jogging days in between interval days to flush the acids out of your legs. But intervals are really only needed if you are trying to improve your athletic proformance in a sport (ie. Speed, acceleration...). Swimming is great, especially if your knees can't take the jogging.

For weights, start with high reps (8-14). This will target tone and definition, as well as add mass. Make sure you eat alot of protein, and you'd actually be suprised how many carbs you need to build muscle. The people who say to completely drop carbs from your diet are crazy. If you do that you simply won't have the energy to actually work out OR for your body to build muscle... After a couple months you can drop the reps down, to build strength faster.

The biggest thing is diet... Cook for yourself. Stuff like rice, frozen vegetables, salmon/tuna, chicken, oatmeal, fruits, seeds should be the base of your diet. Stay away from fatty things (junk food, cheese, poutine...) but once again, you should be getting adequate carbs... IF you do eat out, just think about where you go. If you have a choice between McDonalds and Pita Pit, I think the healthiest choice is obvious.

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