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Originally Posted by Ipousse Lapuck View Post
Im in! My plan was to lose weight in Ecuador but the family where I live at ONLY RICE but Im leaving this week and from there Im starting to lose weight!

I lost weight last summer and got in pretty good shape and what I did was:

Stop eating bread after 1PM (lunch)
Stop eating fruits after 5PM (Before Dinner) because theres a lot of sugar in it
Stop eating at 7PM So you dont get useless calories in

Eat only light meats and dairy products and wheat bread (I do it all the time)

Eat lots of veggies at luch and supper and fruits in the morning and bread with breakfast and lunch! Reduce sugar as much as you can and fat, dont overuse salt (because it makes you keep water inside and your system is nto clean (something like that))

That was not too hard to do and worked really great I lost 5 percent of my body fat in 3 weeks.

For the training I did muscular training 4 times a week and an hour of cardio everyday (mostly tennis or hockey)

Anyway good luck Natey! (and to me too)
Great thread guys. I like this post and I like bipolar's post with regards to dieting.

It's important not to take in too many calories before going to bed. That's a real killer. You should finish your last big meal four hours before you sleep. You can have a snack after that, but only a small one (and skip that too if you can).

The saying is: 'Eat like a king for breakfast, like a prince for lunch, and like a pauper for dinner.'

You're supposed to eat smaller portions more frequently (6x/day) mixing in all the food groups, but you can be tempted to eat larger portions more often that way, so be careful. This involves a lot of prep work (cutting veggies/fruit, buying tupperware/etc.) but it's doable. Otherwise, just keep your portions under control (look it up). This is a biggy.

I only eat bread once a day. So if I've had a sandwich for lunch, I know I can't have pizza (healthy pizza) later.

Drink 8 glass of water a day and mix in cut fruit with it. Don't drink too much mineral water because it will dry you out. That Eauclair electrolyte water is good as is green tea. Low in calories and keeps your water intake interesting.

For food: variety is the key. I've put a bunch of food that I eat into a spreadsheet so I can see the nutritional value I'm taking in and make sure I'm getting everything across the board. Also, do NOT neglect carbs or fat, just don't eat bad carbs and fats and balance protein-carbs-fat like maybe 45%-35%-20%. I also stopped eating fast food and usually say no to any kind of junk food. It's all refined carbs and sugar. It's like any other drug, you have to teach your body not to crave these things and eat the healthy stuff you like. That stuff is poison for your body.

Guys who build mass often look like morons, but it's all subjective I guess. Some girls go for that, some don't. Most don't in my experience, but whatever. I've read books on workouts for your body type: if you have similar chest-stomach-hips you should focus on your abs/lower back; if you have a v-shape upper body, focus on your legs more; if you are all legs, balance out your upper body more.

NHL guys do a pyramid workout. The first two months of the offseason they work on their aerobic fitness. Then the next month they mix in anaerobic interval stuff more and more and then start the weights. Hockey for Dummies has an example of Al Macinnis's offseason routine. During the season they'll ride the bike and do weight if they have an extended layoff, but generally stay out of the gym. They bike after heavy workouts (aerobic, game days) to get the lactic acid out of their muscles.

Eating is the key though. If you want my spreadsheet (it's far from complete), PM me and I'll send it to you. I started by adding in all the foods I now eat (Subway, fast food etc. ... ice cream ... everything) to see what I've been doing normally, then I researched Superfoods, etc. and started putting together simple menus that included eating out for myself. It's easier to eat out in California because you can find healthy food, not so easy in Montreal. Especially in the winter when you are sitting around more. You really have to be careful.

Alcohol: I've found that moderate drinking gives me a buzz and I avoid putting on weight (when we get drunk, we tend to eat and we tend to eat just before going to bed... bad news). I take at least two days off from alcohol per week. When I drink, I'll have no more than one drink per hour for three hours. Only three drinks (bottles of bear, not pints... or maybe one pint and two bottles). I could have up to four bottles because I weight 185 and my blood-alcohol level would still be ok. Drinking to get drunk is a big mistake, so you have to teach your body to take in lower amounts of alcohol over longer periods of time (i.e. one drink per hour). If you stick with it, your tolerance will go down and your buzz will go up, just wait and see. I set my cell phone alarm to let me know when I can have another and eat something or have some water in between drinks (especially at playoff time). If I'm at a crazy party, I allow myself to bend the rules a bit, but I don't break and go crazy. That's key. Feels good the next day to know you feel better than you would have and that you stayed in control and have will power. If you are a problem drinker, take a week off before doing moderate drinking. If you are an alcoholic, you need to get help and get off it for good.

Pot and drugs are another problem. They have to be done under control, or quit. The problem is drugs + food again, just like alcohol + food. And add laying around to that. Bad combinations. Boring too.

Get up early, eat a piece of fruit and do circuit training at the gym (alternate between cardio machines), or go for a jog. If you have bad knees, ride your bike up Mont Royal or stick to the gym (but skip the treadmill). Research diets for cardio and diets for weight lifting. There are different before and after diets for cardio and weights. Very important.

If you lift at night, you should build your base throughout the day. I have this in note form in my spreadsheet.

Don't lose more than two pounds a week, don't skip any foods. If you build good dietary and exercise habits, you'll feel awesome and there will be no rush. Try to do things that are fun like playing hockey as much as you can and then use the gym to fill the rest of the time. Don't slack off in the winter, though I know it's hard to get up and go to the gym when it's ugly outside.

On and on.

The joke about teh girlfriend is true. It's hard to lose weight if your girl has bad habits. Or even your roommate. Surround yourself with teh right people if they don't have the same goals as you do. Don't preach to people about their diets though, they'll hate you.

Don't mean to sound like a know-it-all (I'm not). Those are just notes I've been compiling for myself. Depends what goal you have in mind. Right now it seems like you just want to lose weight without losing too much muscle mass. And then get into weight training when you get within a decent range of your proper body weight for your height.

I'm not a weight lifting expert, but I know rest is the key. Guys say you have to get in the gym as much as possible, but I've read that you need quality rest and nutrition more than anything and 2-3 days in the gym to start and focus on cardio. I've never heard about mixing cardio and interval at the beginning, but maybe that works too. Don't know.

You can work out all you want, but if you don't eat properly (the right foods at the right times and with the right portion and suited for the activity you are about to do or have just completed), you're wasting your time.

Good luck. I've learned a few things from this thread. Looking forward to reading more.

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