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05-15-2004, 12:38 AM
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Ok. This is going in circles, but I'll state this one more time.

Why are we giving up a stud youngster in Spezza for Kolzig? That's what this deal is about. Spezza for Kolzig. I mean, I'd rather just go out and try and sign Hasek or sign Belfour or something.

It makes absolutely no sense for Ottawa to deal Spezza for Kolzig. None. We make that deal, we lose Spezza, our future #1 center right there. Plus, because we have to pay Kolzig a rediculous 6+ million, we can't qualify Bonk. So then despite having Kolzig, we also are down to Todd White, Bryan Smolinski, Mike Fisher and Serge Payer down the middle. Explain to me how this improves the franchise?

Kolzig isn't the best goalie in this league. It's not like this guy is right there with Brodeur or anything. Belfour is a better goalie at this point than Kolzig, so I think logically one would go try and sign Belfour before dealing a player of Spezza's quality for Kolzig.

I mean, to put it simply, Spezza's value is roughly on par with the first overall pick this year. Would you deal Ovechkin for that package if you were in my position? You wouldn't consider it. Value-wise it's rediculous, not to mention it creates a huge hole for the franchise. It's not as though this is a team that needs to win next year. If we had a bunch of 39 year olds on our last leg, we'd probably overpay for Kolzig.

But it makes a hell of a lot more sense for the Senators to sign Hasek or even better the superior Belfour, and to wait for Emery to develop into the stud he's supposed to be, and to keep our future #1 center, something this franchise needs about as much as a #1 goalie right now....than to make this trade.

Zubrus doesn't fill any needs. He scored 12 goals and 27 points last year. Ya, he played 54 games. Not sure how that translates into a 50 point pace. It barely gets him 40 points over a full 82 game schedule, although Zubrus hasn't ever played more than 73 games anyways. Bottom line about Zubrus, please explain to me why Ottawa would be interested in him? If he were a stud, wouldn't Washington build around him. It's not as though he's a hardened playoff veteran or anything. I don't quite understand how I'm listening to Euro haters, I mean my namesake is certainly a European himself.

As for Laich, he's a great prospect, I was sorry to give him up (of course, when was the last time you saw a team deal a prospect and re-acquire him three months later)...but he's no better than Eaves, Kaigorodov, Mirnov or Bochenski by any large means at this point, which are our four best prospects behind Emery. That's why he was dealt. We have enough good but not great forward prospects, and Laich was expendable.

I still don't even see a glimmer of logic for why Spezza is in this deal. You want to pass off Zubrus as being the power forward LW that Ottawa has always needed, that's cool. If Kolzig is better than Belfour and/or can try and argue that. If Laich can or ever will be able to do what Spezza can and will do, that's fine. But I'm not going to buy any of it.

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