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04-19-2008, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by SpreeEndaz View Post
I'm tired of everyone blaming everything for the unsuccess of the Habs and maybe it's time to clarify some things for people who can't think further of what Pierre and Yvon tell them.

During the first game, it was easy to notice that Markov was not playing his usual game and that he didn't feel at ease. I thought I was paranoid noticing that but then, it kept getting worse game after game. Then, rumors are starting to come out that he has a shoulder injury and a knee injury that is surfacing again.

This makes sense since it's clear that he has a bad time doing his usual spins and skating around the offensive zone. Also, you can see he has trouble putting enough force and precision to make his long, cross-ice passes.

Therefore, without Markov in a good state, we have a weak transition game from defense to offense and he used to play almost half the game. Also, he can not do his cross-ice passes to Kovalev during powerplay, which was most of the time the origin of Kovalev's success on powerplay since he could rely on Markov to find him or to attract opponents to make him space.

If you guys still wonder what is happening to the Habs, get tapes from season games and watch replays of tonight's game and analyse Markov, this would settle a lot of useless conversations, threads and replies I guess.

Also, I do not think I hold the absolute truth but I think, in my opinion, that this is really the reason behind the unsuccess and if you want to support or contradict my theory, please feel free to do so.
Oh I guess it answers a part of my question.. But why does he suck EVERY times Habs are in playoffs? Is he injured every times the post season starts?

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